Profile - Philosophy

The objective of ALCE is to keep to a small to medium size setup consisting of senior members of the profession who are prepared to provide hands-on approach on all aspects of M&E engineering consultancy works, from inception to completion, covering concept design, detailed design, tender documentation and project implementation.

ALCE strongly believes that the hands-on model is rather crucial in order to sustain in the construction industry in terms of consistently maintaining the quality of works and delivery in a timely manner. To this end, ALCE takes great effort in recruiting staff members. The collective experience of the senior engineering staff are overwhelming - with projects ranging from commercial, industrial, residential, etc. and in project value from a couple of hundred thousand dollars to a few hundred million dollars. ALCE believes that if the senior staff of the consultancy firm are involved in all stages of works right from the onset, then the project will be on the right track towards quality and timely work.

ALCE also firmly believes in exploring new ways and new technologies to suit the needs of the projects. While it is always easy for engineers to rely on traditional tried and proven designs, but to set ourselves apart from others, we are prepared to rigorously explore new design ideas, new products and technologies and even new ways to effectively run a project that benefit our Clients. This change of mindset has been constantly inculcated in our staff at all levels from design to project implementation.